Share Webpages with Twitter Bookmarklet

Twitter is getting smarter and smarter and now it is becoming viral in your browser. Making your web surfing and sharing much easier, there is a bookmarklet for Twitter that shares webpages in one click with all your followers. Gone is the work in creating your own shortened url and logging in to Twitter to share something useful. Just click the bookmarklet “Share on Twitter” and automatically a sharing windows opens with your weblink shorten and a preset tweet ready to be sent. Although some third party apps offer a similar function but this is great for those using to tweet.

In order to get this bookmarklet visit this page. Once the page is open scroll down mid-way to the “Getting the Bookmarklet” section and then drag the “Share on Twitter” gray button on the left to your browser’s bookmarks toolbar, bookmarks bar or favorites bar depending on the browser being used.

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