IPhone Protection Plan Hidden Costs

Apple understands that their iPhone Apple Core protection plan is lacking in properly protecting its users and is releasing a new insurance coverage in June 2010, that is supplemental.

Its main purpose is to protect users that are prone to butterfingers and have a bad case of the dropsies. The coverage should cost about $14.00 per month and allows you in the case of breakage to re-purchase a new phone at a savings. So you are looking at $168 per year for coverage plus re-purchase costs.
The costs for re-purchase are either $99 for an 8GB 3G or $199 for a 32GB 3GS, which is expensive — total investment of approx $200 – $400 this comparatively is lower than the full retail price $699 for a new 32 GB 3GS off-contract. The caveat you must enroll in the plan within 30-days of upgrading/purchasing a new iPhone. So all current customer are left out and not eligible for the coverage which reduces the value of the insurance. Especially since AT&T is launching this service as: “Lack of iPhone insurance is a leading source of iPhone related customer complaints.

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