Don't get Koobfaced!

Friday, May 1, 2009

"Koobface" is a play on the name Facebook but there is nothing fun about this virus. Once the Koobface virus infects a PC, it starts sending messages or wall postings to Facebook friends, directing them to a "hilarious video" or some "scandalous photos" of someone the both know.
The link promises an enticing video, but when the user clicks, he/she is presented with a Web page with a fake Adobe Flash update or a fake codec that needs to be downloaded. If selected that download turns out to be malware.

Malware is malicious software that infects a person's computer and does things that are counterproductive to what a computer should do. Symantec had published in 2008 that that there is more malware being released to the public than legitmate software applications.

The Protection: Antivirus software can help keep you safe, but some common sense can also go a long way. "Be cautious of any kind of direct URL in messages or postings," advises Jamz Yaneza, a threat research manager with Trend Micro. If a site asks you to download a software update, Yaneza says, click Cancel and go directly to the vendor's page to see if the update is legit. AVG has a great antivirus program that is free to download. It also protects against the Conficker virus.

The Cure: If you suspect that you have been infected by the Koobface virus here are some instructions to remove it from your system.

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