Microsoft Reduces Prices on Vista

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Vista has now become even more affordable to those who have not already upgraded. And these price reductions can be found on copies that are sold in retail stores. Although, it is not expected that these savings will be realized in new computer systems only stand-alone selected editions.
As confessed by Brad Brooks, Corporate Vice President, Windows Consumer Product Marketing, Microsoft is hoping to get more users to upgrade with the incentive of a lower priced Vista. In 2007, Vista has sold more than 1 million copies mostly represented by the sale of new PC's.
I found at Office Depot the following pricing:
Home Basic Upgrade with SP1 ... $99.99
Home Premium Upgrade with SP1 ... $129.99
Home Basic Full with SP1 ... $199.99
Home Premium Full with SP1 ... $239.99
Business Upgrade with SP1 ... $199.99
Business Full with SP1 ... $299.99
Ultimate Upgrade with SP1 ... $219.99
Ultimate Full with SP1 ... $319.99

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