Windows 7 Pre-Order is here!

Starting Friday (06/26/09) Microsoft announced that it is offering the Windows 7 upgrade for only $49.99 if pre-ordered from their store before July 11, 2009. Also, consumers who purchase a PC with Windows Vista Home Premium, Business, or Ultimate at participating retailers will get a free upgrade to Windows 7 when it becomes available in October. The offer will run until Jan. 31, 2010.

For those waiting until the October 22nd, 2009 release date, a Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade will cost $119.99 and the full package will retail for $199.99. The Windows 7 Professional upgrade will cost $199.99 and the full system will be $299.99. For Windows 7 Ultimate, the upgrade version will retail for $219.99 and the full version will set you back $319.99. Microsoft said these prices are about 10 percent less than what they charged for Vista – the Home Premium upgrade version of which retailed for $129.99 at launch.

For those Windows enthusiasts who are planning ahead, Microsoft is running a promotion that will offer a more than 50 percent discount on the premium and professional upgrade versions of the operating system. From June 26 to July 11, consumers in the U.S. can pre-order the Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade for $49.99 and the Windows 7 Professional upgrade for $99.99. The offer will be also available online via retailers like Best Buy,, or at the Microsoft Store.

Users with an XP system can perform a clean installation using the upgrade version of Windows 7. Windows Vista users can do the same thing or perform an in-place upgrade, which maintains all the data, files, and applications on their Vista machine. OEMs will start shipping Windows 7 machines on October 22.

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