iPhone is not "Incredible" Droid

Most iPhone users in New York and San Francisco have had to accept their iPhone’s as just being expensive ipod / text tools because they are not able to find a signal in these over-taxed AT&T areas. Bascially, they cannot get a signal but AT&T continues to sell iPhones in those markets proliferating the marketing even more.

iPhone are essentially microcomputers with voice capabilities. It is known that owners of Apple’s ultimate device use up to 10 times the bandwidth of normal smartphone users. The result of this overload is spotty service, dropped calls, slow downloads speeds, delayed texts and voicemails.

All the peripheral uses of iPhone such as twittering, checking for sports scores, using google maps and such are what make it useful and what drags down the system. The only way to get any usefulness of the system is to jump off 3G.

Whenever there are big public events where thousands or hundred of thousands of possible iPhone owners will attend AT&T must install temporary cell sites to amplify these services. So that there customer will be able to send text messages, check their e-mail and make calls.

Although AT&T is reaping many benefits from being the exclusive carrier of the iPhone it also has many unhappy customers and its prospects of new growth are questionable.

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