Blackberry vs iPhone……get ready to rumble.

The crackberries and icrazies are both in agreement that life is not the same without these devices. Personally, I carry both a Treo and a Blackberry and have become to be dependent on both for different reasons. For those converts who are willing to cross the line to exchange, trading one obssession for another here is what you can expect:

1. The most obvious difference between an iPhone and a Blackberry is that the iPhone lacks a tactile keyboard. Some really feel that have to manuever through the seemingly small screen and smaller visual buttons is just too much.

2. The iPhone’s battery life is very short and needs to be charged several times through the day when frequently used.

3. The iPhone’s applications store has a database of more than 65,000 apps available. While RIM (Research in Motion’s) store has only about 2,000 applications.

4. Apple’s Safari web browser is more robust then the only included in the Blackberry.

5. The only service provider for iPhone is AT&T, while Blackberry service continue to be more competitive in pricing.

6. Blackberry allows for several programs to run at once while IPhone is only able to do this with predefined programs. Not being able to run multiple apps can be cumbersome if you are into multitasking a good example is if you were listening to Pandora through the web browser you would not able to check emails.

Despite these examples, Blackberry is strongest in it corporate use while iPhone is a dream consumer product taught to play in business. You decide….

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