3 Smart Tips To Enhance Computer Performance

Your computer needs maintenance in order to continue running smoothly. There are utilities built-in to your operating system that allow you to maintain the health of your computer. The following are 3 smart tips to enhance your computer’s performance.

1. Clean Out Backup Files

You’ve gotten to the point of backing up your files to prevent lost data. But did you know that your computer actually creates duplicate files of this backup data and stores it on your hard disk – causing your computer to slow down?

Do a search of your hard disk for common backup file extensions such as: “.bac, .bak, .bck, .bk!, or .bk$”. As you find these files, delete them permanently from your computer and you should see a difference right away in your computer’s performance. Make sure to not delete the most recent backup files.

2. Defragment Files

Whenever you use, save or delete files or programs, your system stores pieces of that file on the hard disk. Because these pieces are not part of the full file, it becomes useless but still takes up valuable operating space on your computer – which in turn, slows down your performance.

Defragment your hard drive. To run the defragmenter, click the Start button on the bottom left corner of your screen and type “dfrg.msc” in the Run option (for Vista users, simply type “defrag” in the “Start Search” box after clicking the Windows logo in the same bottom left corner), and press OK. Select your preferred drive and press the defragmenter button. epending on how many broken files you have, the process could take five minutes to an hour.

3. Check for software updates

Often your computer may be running slowly because of a manufacturer related software issue. Make sure you check for updates and patches from your computer and software manufacturer. We know the update pop-ups can be annoying, but sometimes they can be extremely crucial to the performance and life span of your computer.

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